I am your average woman operating as a wife, a mother and a ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ woman with an entreprenurial streak.

My island home is Jamaica, designed with its black, green and gold element on the national flag. This represents our people, our land and the beautiful sunshine we enjoy all year round.

For over 20 years I have worked in one of Jamaica’s most successful Financial Institution.

Two (2) years ago the desire to pursue my passion has been overwhelming me, to the point where I started exploring the options that are open to persons like me.  What better place to start than on the internet.

In my pursuit I have found several opportunities and have explored a few including being an avon top seller.

Of late, I decided to follow my true passion and that is to express myself. Expression be it in talking, training, coaching, mentoring or simply writing.  I believe that  after nearly 25 years in the working world, 13 years of marriage, 8 years of being a mom and nearly 40 years of living on this earth, I can share some best practices, opinions, advice and know how with so many of you out in the world.

Thank God for the internet, it takes the click of a bottom, for someone, or anyone for that matter of fact, to find exactly what they are looking for.( Isn’t that how you found me?)

So I invite you to share in my journey, share it with others, make your contributions, ask questions, learn and enjoy my many posts.