I am of the opinion that no one else can achieve the goals you lay out for yourself to accomplish, except, YOU! Yes, only you. No one else understands your passions, your dreams, your purpose the way you do. No one but you can do it.


All goals starts with a Dream, and a dream is a dream, irrespective of how big or small a dream it is. Matter of fact, who said anything about how big or how small a dream is?  Who knows exactly how big or how small a dream really is?

If you ask me, no one knows the future, therefore that’s the reason a goal starts with a first step call a dream or a vision.

The dream or vision, is where you want to be; what you want to accomplish.  I often wonder what was the vision or dream of some of the greats of our time. Take Usain Bolt for example, did he ever dream that he would one day be the fastest man in the world?


That Dream needs to be fueled, and the fuel it needs is passion also known as  desire.

The desire to win, the passion to succeed!

You see when there’s passion, or a desire that is deep seated in your soul, you can’t help but to push.

You push pass objections! You push pass distractions! You push pass negativity! You push pass anything that stands in your way as an obstacle to your passion.


So you have a dream, it’s fueled by passion/desire, now its time to actualise or bring it to reality.

I call this the fire that blaze!

This is where you begin to talk about it with your friends, family and anyone close enough who will listen. Not only that but you also begin to research what does it take to get started in reality.

For example: I like to win, and I like to be recognised. The thought of seeing my work online excites me. So I wondered what could I do online that would bring me self gratification with minimum investment? Finding the answer took a while, until I learnt from research that it’s always best to start with your strengths. What do I love to do, and I knew immediately I loved to talk.  I figured I would write it. I couldn’t help myself. I was writing on everything I could lay my hands on. I started hinting to my friends and co-workers about my desire and to show them I was serious I would send them daily motivation quotes and devotionals. Not long after they started telling me that this deserved to be published. who-la-la…! I was excited. I immediately started my research of how to write for success, get published online, and where to publish. Once that was sorted out, I needed to have material ready for publishing. That’s where all those previous writings came into play and I got busy.


Once you get the buying in of those closest to you, it’s time to reach the outer circle known as the prospects. In order to research that audience, you have to know who you are targeting. Will it be for a niche group such as working mothers, Stay at home moms, high school drop outs looking for a second chance, or just any random person who will read? (See next article on how to target your audience).

I am laying the foundation for you to get started.

Before you can walk your brain sends a signal to the nerve that controls the foot muscle. It then initiates the first response of the feet being lifted, then placed in front  of the other, and then the cycle of left then right or vice versa begins.

So what are you waiting for, get going, you are on the right track.

Remember, no one else really knows what your goals are except, YOU and no one else will work as hard to accomplish your desires, neither can their fuel be enough to light your fire and keep it burning. No one but you can.


I would love to hear from you, what have you been doing to accomplish your god given purpose. Drop me a line or two sharing your experience, or if you have a question, I will be only to happy to respond.