The secret to your personal success is this:

  • Create a vision board – A vision board helps you create your map or outline the steps to be taken towards achieving your goals. By outlining your plans, it enables you to be set targets such as start and completion dates, resources needed amongst all the other important aspects of meeting your goal.
  • Assign the steps to achieving – It is important to know the steps involved in the process of what you are working towards. That way, you would have dotted the ‘I’ and crossed the‘t’.
  • Own the goals – You must take responsibility for your own success. No one else really knows what inside of you. Your God given talent is yours to own.
  • Record them in an assigned book or something that’s specific for your goals- Your mind can recall so much and no more. So make notes, record your plans. Suitable places to record your plans, is on your computer, tablet, smart phone, and be sure to save in a cloud base system. Of course it’s always good to have hard copy on hand, so a note book is just as worthy. Label it specific to what you are doing and keep in a safe place.
  • Find a mentor, find a role model in the area you want to succeed – They say seeing is believing. Staying close to someone else who has been there and done that is great to push you along. That person knows the ins and outs, the ups and downs because they had been there. The reality is their journey and yours maybe a little different but the steps maybe similar. Many times, if we step back and look we see the errors. A mentor helps you see the flaws a lot quicker. They also serve as the motor in y9our engine of potential. So ensure the one chosen understands your vision, and is not afraid to push you to the limit.
  • Burn with passion – Fire needs fuel to burn, so too your vision needs your passion to become a reality. If you fail to be passionate about achieving your goals,, you run the risk of logging behind and probably never even achieving it. That’s why outlining the steps and setting up the vision board plus getting a mentor who holds you responsible contributes to building your passion.
  • Shut out the noise or distractions – YOU will always have critics and naysayers who will tell you that you can’t do it, or that you can’t achieve it. They will says other things like it’s too expensive, its beyond your reach. But keep focused and eventually you must achieve your goal.

Successful people are never afraid of their pathways; they know that success comes with its own fair share of failures.

Therefore they are always prepared having a plan A as well as a plan B and a plan C.